a person flying a kite hold a string 4 feet above ground level. the string of the kite is taut and makes an angle of 60 degree with the horizontal. approximate the height of the kite above level ground if 500 feet of string is payed out.

find all values of in the interval [0, 2] that satisfy the inequality. from smallest to largest -1 and e= <3, 2>find:3c-e


If the tangent of an acute angle is 2, what is the sine of that angle?

A) 2
B) Sqrt 5
C) 1/ sqrt 5
D) 2 Sqrt 5/5

1. Approximate, to four decimal places, the solutions of the equation. that are in the interval(0,Pi ).5cos^2x + 3cos x -1 = 02. Given triangle ABC with = 90 degrees, express c in terms of b and .3. Find the solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2p )2cos^2 x-cosx-1=0

(1 pt) Solve the following equation in the interval [0, 2].Note: Give the answer as a multiple of .Do not use decimal numbers. The answer should be a fraction or aninteger. Note that is already included in the answer so you just have to enter theappropriate multiple. E.g. if the answer is you should

For a sailboat to reach a destination directly upwind, it is necessary to tack left and right to the direction of the wind. Suppose we decided to tack at 45 degree angles to the wind. If our present position is 3.5 miles downwind from our destination, how long should our port and starboard tack be?

Is this an identityhow do I show it is(1- 2 cos ^2 ) / (sin cos ) = tan cot

1 pt) For use an addition or subtraction formula to simplify the equation andthen find all solutions of the equation in the interval The answer is , , and with .

use your calculator to find the following (leave answer in degreemeasure)Arcsec(-1.3652)

A survey team is trying to estimate the height of a mountain above a level plain. From one point on the plain, they observe that the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain is 31. From a point 1000 feet closer to the mountain along the plain, they find that the angle of elevation is 34 .How hi

Write the following as an algebraic expression (nontrigonometric)in x (Assume x > 0)Sin[Arctan (2x/5)]

Exact value of sin15cos75

Which is larger, the cosine of 77 degrees or the sine of 77 degrees?

Exact value of sin15cos75

Name the trigonometric functions and state the relations between the acute angles of a right angle triangle and its sides

The given problem refers to right triangle ABC with C = 90. Use the given information to find the exact value of the six trigonometric functions of A.b = 4, c = 5sin(A) =cos(A) =tan(A) =cot(A) =sec(A) =csc(A) =

solve for xtan x + sec x=2 cos x ; -(infinity) sin AB) cos A C) cos A greater than or equal to sin AD) cos A less than or equal to sin AE) none of the above

In a right triangle the side opposite angle a is 7 and the side adjacent angle a is 7. What is the cosine of angle a?
A) 1
B) 0.5
C) Sqrt 2/2
D) Sqrt 3/2

In a right triangle, the side adjacent angle a is 12, the hypotenuse is 24. what is the tangent of the angle a?

Find the exact solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0, 2*Pi):1.sin(2t) + sin(t) = 02.cos(u) + cos(2u) = 03. tan(2u) 2 cos(u) = 0

One side of a triangular lot is 150 ft and the angel oppiste this side is 55 degrees. Another angel is 63 degrees. Determine how much fencing is needed to enclose it.

Find the solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0, 2*Pi)1. 2cos^2(x)- 3cos(x)- 1 = 02. cot^2(x) sin(x) = sin (x)

A 150 cm pendulum swings through an arc which measured 100pi cm. In exact radians, through what angle does it swing?

Use inverse trigonometric functions to find the solutions of the equation that are in the given interval, and approximate the solutions to four decimal places.sin^2(x)- sin(x)- 1 = 0; [0, 2*Pi)2tan^2(t)+ 8tan(t)+ 5 = 0; (-Pi/2, Pi/2)

Two planes leave an airport at the same time. Thier speeds are mph 130 and 150 mph, and the angle between thier courses is 36 degree. How far apart are they after 1.5 hours?

Given any 3 points find the area of a triangle

Find (3-i)-12

please help me!!
express v in terms of the iand j unit vectors.
v = <8, -3>

Find the solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0, 2*Pi)1. cos^2(x)+ 5cos(x)+ 6 = 02. 2cos ^2(x)+ 12cos(x)+ 16 = 0

1. From an airplane, Janara looked down to see a city. If she looked down at an angle of 9 degrees and the airplane was half a mile above the ground, what was the horizontal distance to the city.

Two planes leave an airport at the same time, one traveling east at 250 miles/hr and the other traveling southwest at 300 miles/hr. How far apart are they after 3 hours?

A water trough is 8 m long and its cross-section is an isoscelestriangle which is 30 cm wide at the top, and the height is 30 cm.The trough is not full. Give an expression for V, thevolume of water in the trough in cm3, when the depthof the water is d cm.


(1/sin^2) (cos^2/ sin^2)

Rewrite the expression in terms of first power of the cosine:(Cos2x^2)(sin2x^2)

show that sin(A+B+C)=cosAcosBcosC(tanA+tanB+tanC-tanAtanBtanC)

How do I verify that sin2 = 1/2 ( 1-cos 2 ) is an identity

Solve exactly: Sin2x= 1+Cos2x

simplify sin x + cos x tan x

Use the sum and difference identities to find the exact value for the function and show workcos 255

A 40ft long ladder leaning against a wall makes an angle of 60 degrees with the ground. Determine the vertical height of which the ladder will reach.

Find all ? in the interval [0,2p) that satisfy the equation.

How do I verify that (1 + tan ^ 2 )/ csc ^ 2 = tan ^ 2 is an identity

find all solutions for 2 sin (x) cos (x) = 0 on interval [0,3TT(pie)/2]
I am not sure how to do the pie symbol(TT).

How do I do this. I am just starting a trig course and up till nowdoing okthis baffles me now. Need a good explaination thanksI have to find the solution to the nearest angle2cos2A = sin2A
0 degrees

If the cot (x) = 0, can a triangle be accurately drawn. Pleaseexplain ?
Thanks for all of your help it is greatly appreciated!

sin = 0.1736 leg opposite = ? hypotense = 11

solve for all values of X
cos x sin 2x = 0

what is sinX/cosX

verify that the following is an identitysec^4 sec ^2 = (1/cot^4 )+(1/cot^2 )

One angle of an isosceles triangle is 150 degrees. Ifthe area of the triangle is 9 square feet, what is the perimeter ofthe triangle?

solve for all values of x
sin 2x + 4 sin x 2 = cos x

Find all values of for the equationr=sin+cos.(Please show in detail how the answer was obtained. Thanks!)

Find to the nearest tenth of a degree, if 0< < 360 andsin= -0.3040 with in QIII Test for continuity at the given value of x: y=x3-2x+2at x=1 show that this is an identity(sec/cos) (tan/ cot) = 1 A flagpole is secured on opposite sides by two guy wires, each of which is 5ft longer than the pole. The distance between the points where the wires are fixed to the ground is equal to the length of one guy wire. How tall is the flagpole( to the nearest inches)? the point (-6,8) lies on the terminal arm of A instandard position. find sin A and cos A. i dont understand what the question is asking, or whatformulas or diagrams to use to find the answer. In triangle ABC, if the lengths of 2 sides are 25 & 50, the angle between these two sides is 30 degrees, what is the length of the third side of the triangle? Round off to the nearest whole number.A) 31B) 56C) 73D) 45 Find the area of an octagon whose perimeter is 120 cm. If the cosine of an acute angle is 1/4, what is the secant of that same angle?A)75 B)3/4 C)v15/4 D)4 A certain persons bood preasue is modeled by thefunctionp(t) = 115 + 25 sin (160 p t )where p(t) is the preassure in mmHg, at time t measured inminutes.(b) Find the number of heartbeats per minute.The answer in the back of the book is 80 but I got 115. I plugged in 1 for t because it is a My brain is fried!!! help please In trangle ABC, angle Cis a right angle. Find themeasurement of angle B if side b = 105 m and side c = 139 m Find all of the solutions of the equation:sin (5x/2+15degrees) =0.34Where 0degrees