what is and 1000 sided figure, i dont know because im not that smart but if u know anwer this.

What are the triangle congruence conjectures?Like asa,ass,aaa,sss?and which are not?

A house is being built on a piece of property that is in the shape of a triangle. Two sides oh the plot are 150ft long and they meet at an angle of 102 degrees. Which of the following expressions gives the number of feet of fencing needed for the perimeter of the property.A. 150+2 [ 150 sin 120/ sin

What type of triangles do you end up with on your trapezoid? Be as specific as possible and example : we know they are right triangles, go a little deeper. You can also cut up the trapezoid to how many triangles that you figure out. Thanks!

How many types of congruency are there?

In HJK, HJ is twice as long as JK and exactly as long as HK. If the perimiter of HJK is 50, how long is HK?

a triangle has side c=8 and angles A= (/4) and B= (/3). find the length a of the side opposite angle A.

find the center of the circle that you can circumscribe about triangle ABC.
A (0,0)
It is a right triangle.
Find the hypotenuses midpoint using the midpoint formula

the centroid of a triangle is ______ the circumcenter of a triangle?