2. Show that a 2.00 g sample of PbCl2 will dissolve in 25.0 mL of 1.00 M HCl.PbCl2(s) + Cl-(aq) [PbCl3-](aq), Kf = 70

A solution of H2SO4 (aq) with a molal concentration of 6.25 m has a density of 1.300 g/mL. What is the molar concentration of this solution?

which of the following 2-methyl-2pentanol, s-butyl carbinol, 4-methyl-2pentanol, 3-hexanol, n-pentyl alcohol is soluble in H2SO4(conc.)

If the solubility of AgI(s) at 25oC is 9.11 X 10-9 mol/L, what is Ksp at this temperature?

Do you have any tips for remembering whats soluble and what isnt?There are lots rules & exceptions, so Im have trouble keeping them all straight!Thanks!

Write balanced equations, using the smallest possible integer coefficients, for the following (include all physical states). Write NR in the right part of the equation if no reaction occurs.
1) Kcl (aq) and Br2 (l)
2) NaI(aq) and Cl2(g)
3) KCl(aq) and F2(g)
4) CaBr2 (aq) and Cl2(g)
5) AlBr3 (aq) and F2

The solubility of ammonium chloride at 30.0 C is 41.1 g per 100 g of water. what is the maximum amount in grams of ammonium chloride that will dissolve in 4455.0 g of water at this temperture?

Determine the equilibrium concentration of sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3) needed to successfully dissolve 50.0 mg of silver iodide in 200.0 mL of water.

Which one of the following statements is false?A. Carbon tetrachloride, CCl4, is more miscible with hexane, C6H14, than it is with a polar solvent like methanol, CH3OH.
B. Gases are generally more soluble in water under high pressures than under low pressures.
C. The solubilities of solids in liquids

Ksp of Ag2CrO4=1.1210^-12. What is solubility of Ag2CrO4 in 1.50M potassium chromate solution?

Which numbered response lists all of the following statements that are true and no false statements?I. Many solids that dissolve in endothermic processes have solubilities that increase as temperature increases.II. The solubility in water of a gas that does not react with water increases as the part

How a solute dissolves in a solvent? Is there any relation between solubility product and ionic product which determines the solubility of solute in solvent?

If added a little amount of Ca(OH)2 solid at initial experiment of titration, give the explanation to the below
a. The volume of HCl during titration
b. The K sp value of Ca(OH)2
c. Molar solubility value of Ca(OH)2

a 100 mL of CaCl (0.02 molar) is mixed with 100 mL of K2SO4(0.02 molar).
the questions:
a) is there precipitate CaSO4??
b)if there is precipitate, then how many grams of precipitate formed? (Ksp CuSO4=2.410^-5)

Write down all species (including states) that are present in signicant amounts when thefollowing solids are added to water.(a) Ammonium chloride(b) Calcium hydroxide(c) Copper (I) bromide(d) Sodium phosphate(e) Sodium hydroxide(f) Naphthalene(g) Lead (II) chromate(h) Cadmium (II) suldeplease tell w

Calcium carbonate, or limestone, is relatively insoluble in water. At 25?C, only 5.8 mg will dissolve in 1.0 liter of water. What volume of water is needed to dissolve 5.0 g of calcium carbonate?