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To calculate the height of a tree, susie measures the angle of elevation from a point A to be 34 deg. she measures her distance to be 8 m from the base of the tree. How high is the tree to the nearest tenth of a meter?

Given p is true, q is false, and r is false, find the truth value of the statement (q V r) ? ~p.Show step by step work. Use keyboard shortcuts of > for > , <> for ?, V for V , and ^ for upside down V is the symbol shown , if needed.

PROBLEM #5A notable source of income for movie theatre owners comes from food sales at theirconcession stands. Suppose the demand for medium-sized popcorn servings on Saturdaynights at movie theaters is: Qd = 200 15Pp + 2Pn 5Pc. In this equation, Pp is the priceper medium-sized popcorn; Pn is th