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The amount of distilled water dispensed by a certain machine is normally distributedwith mean value 64oz and standard deviation .78oz. What is the chance the the amount of water is dispensed between 62.5oz and 65oz.

Download Nokias 200320-F report at the following URL: to page 158 of the report. Listthe top 3 items(in Euros) whichled tothe difference between Nokias 2003 net income underU.S. GAAP andits2003 net incomeunder International Accounting Standards.(b)Refer to note#36 of the report. In your own words,describe the mainreason(s) whythe following itemsinthe2003reconciliation of net incomewerepositive or negativein amount(analyze each item separately):?Development costs?Stock compensation expense?Amortization of goodwill(c)In 2008, the U.S. SEC eliminated the U.S. GAAP net income reconciliationrequirement for foreign private issuers that adopt International FinancialReporting Standards.Do you agree with this decision? Why or why not?[Problem #3 point distribution: part (a) =1, part (b) =6, part (c) =3

what is the the relationship of Dell and its OEMs around world? why companies in computer hardware industry, exemplified by Apple and Dell, could achieve negative cash cycles hence huge cash flow efficiency compared with other firms and other industries.

an item is 99.50 and is 30% off. What will the sale price be?
I got $69.65, but the worksheet say $69.95. Am I wrong or is the online answer wrong?

2. CAPITAL BUDGETINGConsider a firm needs to choose between two kinds of machines called A and Bdoing the same job. A could be used only for 3 years while B could be used forone more year. Besides the initial costs of purchasing, there are expenditures formaintenance every year. The costs of A and B

Fill in the heading of the following truth table using any of p, q, ~,-> , ?,V , and here is an upside down V . Use keyboard shortcuts of > for -> , <> for <> ?, V for V , and ^ for an upside down V.P Q ?T T FT F FF T TF F T

Clovis Industries had sales in 2006 of $40 million, 20% ofwhich where cash. If clovis normally carries 45 days ofcredit sales in accounts receivable, what are its average accountsreceivable balances?
(assume a 365 day year)

You have estimated an earnings function, where you regressed the log of earnings on two binary variables, one for gender and the other for marital status.

(a) Write down the regression equation such that the intercept corresponds to a single male, without allowing for interaction between marital status and gender.

(b) According to the regression equation from part a, what are the average log earnings of:
Single men
Single women
Married men
Married women

PROBLEM #3An econometrician has determined that the regional demand for new mid-sized cars is represented by the following equation:Qd=27,150-.5P+.02Pt-2,400Pg+2YIn this equation, P is the price of mid-sized cars, Pt is the price per trip on publictransport, Pg is the price per gallon of retail gaso