Methods and strategies of effective training

I have 20 questions in Effective training for someone to answer for me. It says effective Training, stragic, System and Practices.
Questions 1-20: Select the one best answer to each question.
1. Carl is expected to cut down 10 trees per day as a lumberjack. He has consistently cut down 8 trees per day. What is his performance gap?
A. 1 tree per day C. 3 trees per day
B. 2 trees per day D. 4 trees per day
2. Tracy has decided to try her new-employee orientation training on a small group of employees who have just been hired before the program is implemented throughout the entire company. In which phase of the training process model is Tracy?
A. Analysis phase
B. Design phase
C. Development phase
D. Implementation phase
3. Steve knows that if he works hard his supervisor will do everything she can to help him get a nice pay raise at the end of the year. Which theory does this situation illustrate?
A. Needs theory C. Reinforcement theory
B. Cognitive theory D. Expectancy theory
4. Cook Cabinets is applying for ISO 9000 certification. The implementation team is currently assembling flowcharts that outline their entire manufacturing sequence from beginning to end. In which stage of certification is Cook Cabinets?
A. Pre-audit C. Change
B. Process mapping &n bsp; D. Post-audit
5. John is an employee of Cook Cabinets. He has been operating the table saw for seven years, and hes an expert on the safety procedures he must use on the saw to avoid injury. Johns expertise in safety procedures is an example of his
A. knowledge. C. attitudes.
B. skills. D. competencies.
6. Which of the following factors will most influence the types and amount of training materials that youll use at a given time?
A. Goal setting C. Valences
B. KSA base &n bsp; D. Anxiety
7. Which of the following companies would be considered a cost leader?
A. A company that invents a computer thats faster than any other computer on the
B. A company that sells expensive, custom-made hand bags
C. A company that explores the world looking for more sources of oil
D. A company that mass produces the lowest-priced car on the market