Mass numbers, and neutron numbers for Na, Al, Fe.

*Mass numbers, and neutron numbers for Na, Al, Fe. *orbital notation, electron configuration, and lewis dot structure for Calcium, Arsenic, Fluoride(f1-), and Mg2+. *determine the number of grams in 0.750 moles of the compound Iron (II) phosphate Fe3(PO4)2. *how many atoms of iron are in 0.750 moles of the compound Iron (III)oxide? *Aspirin is 60.00% carbon, 4.48% hydrogen and 35.53% oxygen.what is the empirical formula for aspirin? *benzene is a common hydrocarbon, which is widely used as a solvent. benzene is 92.3% carbon and 7.7% hydrogen. *from another experiment, the molecular mass of benzene was determined to be 78.0 grams per mole. what is the molecular formula for benzene. *write a balanced equation for the combustion of benzene. *balance this equation.prove that it obeys the law of conservation of mass by using formula masses, HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 > HOH + Mg(NO3)2 *consider the equation: 4NH3 +7O2 > 4NO2 + 6H2O how many grams of oxygen are necessary to produce 4.50 moles of NO2? how many molecules of water are produced when 2.25 moles of ammonia are completely reacted? *aluminum reacts with sulfuric acid, which is the automobile batteries. if 20.0 grams of Al is placed into a solution containing 115 grams of H2SO4, how many grams of hydrogen gas could be produced? *how many grams of hydrochloric acid are required to react completely with 4.30 grams of zinc? how many molecules of a gas will be produced? *true or false ~the first ionization energy of potassiun will be great than that for sodium ~when an atom loses an electron, it becomes a negative ion ~a bromide ion is smaller than a bromide atom ~Oxygen has a greater eletronegativity than carbon ~bromine has a greater electronegativity than chlorine ~a sodium ion is smaller than a sodium atom ~metals tend to lose their valence electrons, forming positively charged ions. ~metallic properties of the elements increase from left to right across a period or series ~the yet-to-be-discovered elements with an atomic number of 118 would be a noble gas ~an atom of oxygen is larger than an atom of lithium *list 4 points to compare and/ or contrast the two main types of bonding; ionic and covalent. *draw the lewis-dot-structure for each of the following, (state the molecular shape of the molecule and the bond angles predicted on the central atom NF3, TeCl2, CCl4, SO2.