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What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average? How does it differ from the S&P 500 Composite Index?

Your firm has the option of making an investment in new software that will cost $130,000 today and is estimated to provide the savings shown in the following table over its 5 year life.Year Savings estimate1 $35,0002 50,0003 45,0004 25,0005 15,000Should the firm make this investment if it requires a

11) Suppose you were offered a 14 year , 10% annual coupon, $ 1000 par value bond at a price of $ 1,494.93. What rate of interest would you earn on your investment?A) 6.00%B) 5.75%C) 5.50%D) 5.00%

please write me the following paper:You are a very conservative investor and you are 65 years old. You are looking for income and minimize taxes. You have maximized your RRSP so you mustinvestoutside an RRSP.What kind of portfolio you will create? What is inside to satisfy safety and minimize taxes?

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