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A stream containing 35 mg/L of phosphorous flows into a lake at a rate of 1,000 cubic meters per day. Although the stream flowing out of the lake has the same flow rate as that coming in, its phosphorous concentration is only 8 mg/L. What is the rate that phosphorous is removed from the stream as it

The TSS of a wastewater was determined using 30 mL of sample. The filter used originally weighed 0.4327 grams. After the sample was filtered and dried at 103C to 105C, the filter was weighed again at 0.4396 grams. Calculate the TSS of the sample.Answera. 230 mg/Lb. 6.9 mg/Lc. 29,077 mg/Ld. 207 mg/L

On April 2, 1988, an engineer bought a $1000 bond of an American airline for $875. The bond paid 6% on its principal amount of $1000, half in each of its April 1 and October 1 semiannual payments; it repaid the $1000 principal sum on October 1, 2001. What nominal rate of return did the engineer rece

At time =0 an engineer deposited $10000 into an account that pays interest at 8% per year,, compounded semiannually. If she withdrew $1000 in months 2,11, and 23, what wasthe total value of th account at the end of 3 years? Assume NO interperiod compounding.

In soil 20 mg/kg may also be expressed as [x] ppm.