Action plan

250-500 words APA format cite references
Check this scenario out. Long term care can consists of servicing patients need at a patients home, providing meals, transportation and in home therapy. Some long term care is within the home and some can be rehab. Lets say there is a growing need to extend those services to our growing need in elderly population. Part of that need is a demand for servicing the increasing population of the Hispanic community. We as a team need to meet with a cross- functional management team that can relay the need and services outside of the facility. We need hired people who are bilingual that can work the call center, deliver food, offer in home therapy, and provide transportation.
Our audience will be the new management team. Each member of the coordination of care team of management will cover or be responsible for one of those areas. Our standpoint will be that we are the board of directors that would be talking with them.

Giving the above screnario my part of assignment is to come up with strategies of the transition and what methods may be needed?
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